Will Panganai Java Make Or Break Roki’s Career?
6 August 2021

Tinashe Sambiri|The way Zimbabweans have reacted to
Koffi Olomide’s chant “ED Mnangagwa, Number One” in the song Patati Patata is a reflection of how unpopular Zanu PF has become, political observers have said.

The line that praises Mnangagwa has ruined the exciting project according to analysts.Panganai Java, Roki and Tanzanian artist
Rayvany are part of the ambitious project.

Below are some of the the responses from angry Zimbabweans:

Annalise Keating:
And to think of it ,Mari yakashandiswa for everything ndeyenyika,because hapana paangati ED on a project that wasn’t funded by the gvt ,they are no needles to sew wounds in hospitals even women in labour,and you are using state money to fund Koffi Olomide and Rocky …zvinorwadza izvi…what kind of Tomfoolery is this,Java is the worst charlatan veduweeeeee

Jay J Mwenesane:
Did Kofi make a ZANU song or? The way I love his music …. But just like all the other ZANU music puppets – I’ll never ever support him again if that is true!

Thatt Guy:
It’s not a secret that everyone hates Zanu-PF so if what you’re doing includes Zanu-PF then it’s automatically rejected artists be wise.

Martha Savanhu Gororo:
What’s sad is that Passion Java ari kupihwa mari svinu to enroll these artists and kill their careers in the process for Zanu PF’s campaign and all they ever get are the crumbs that fall off his table.

Sakala Ashani:
You just don’t come from Congo to endorse number 1 public enemy…. I feel for rocky his image has been tainted.

Passion Java