MDC Alliance Youth Assembly Concerned About Increase In Girl Child Abuse
7 August 2021

ZANU PF Silence On Rape And Child Marriages Suspicious


The MDC Alliance Youth Assembly notes with concern a surge in cases of child abuse particularly sexual abuse of the girl child.

The recent case of Melody Machaya (14) who died gruesomely whilst giving birth at a shrine of the Marange Apostolic sect is just a micro of the macro of this taunting social malady that is threatening our communities.

It is sad that many of these cases of child marriages are being swept under the carpet whilst victims suffer in silence.

As the MDC Alliance Youth Assembly, we call for the responsible authorities to make sure that perpertrators of such shameful acts are brought to book.

Rape in its various forms, child marriages and abuse have no place in the modern society.

We call upon all critical stakeholders to speak with one voice against abuse of the girl child.

It is worrisome that while every other individual or organisation are adding up their voices against rape and child marriages, we have a deviant grouping that remains tight lipped on the issue.

The silence of ZANU PF top officials on the Machaya issue and rape cases in general is loud and suspicious!

It is also ironic that in a week where the Machaya saga was topical, Emmerson Mnangagwa’s regime send a message to would be offenders by releasing a convicted rapist, Munyaradzi Kereke.

Action speaks louder than words!

The message from ZANU PF is very simple, “Rape, got to jail and we release you!”.

The abuse of women in the Office of President and Cabinet (OPC) as evidenced by Kembo Mohadi’s sexual excapades with his subordinates is a clear indictment on the regime.

As young social democrats, one of our ideological anchors is justice and in that regard we call for justice for Memory Machaya and all young girls facing such kind of predicaments.




Stephen Sarkozy Chuma
MDC Alliance Youth Assembly National Spokesperson