Critics Recycle Damning Mugabe Anti-Madhuku Video
8 August 2021

By A Correspondent- Suspected opposition politics members are circulating a late old President Robert Mugabe’s interview, which was carried by the state broadcaster many years ago in which the late ruler was denouncing National Constitutional Assembly leader, Professor Lovemore Madhuku.

In the interview, the late President, portrays Madhuku as a greedy person who mobilises citizens, makes them demonstrate against him, get arrested before getting paid for that by the west.

During his heydays, Madhuku gave Mugabe torrid times and staged a series of successful protests against Mugabe’s powers that the late ruler used to abuse.

Madhuku would collaborate with like-minded civil society organisations, university students, and the opposition and shut down the entire nation.

The recycled video is circulating when Madhuku, one of the Political Actors Dialogue members, recently made headlines for receiving a POLAD car from the government.

As if Madhuku is the only one who got the POLAD car, his haters pretend to view the NCA leader as a sellout who is now wining and dining with Zanu PF, the party he used to denounce.

The Constitutional law expert parted ways with the opposition MDC of the late Morgan Tsvangirai in 2008 when the latter decided to form a unity government with Zanu PF.

Before parting ways, Madhuku made it clear that the unity government would destroy the country’s opposition.

He also disagreed with opposition on giving in to Zanu PF’s demands of tasking the unity government with the responsibility of writing a new constitution.

Commenting on the old circulating video, political analyst and brother to the NCA President, Claris Madhuku, on his social media platform, said those denouncing the University of Zimbabwe Law lecturer were missing the point.

Below is Claris’ opinion:

It makes Professor Madhuku a very critical player in our local politics.
He is not very ordinary in his approach, i want to argue. He is not in the class of NC. He is more irritating as a critic because of his precision.

Then( when the interview was done), he was the undisputed leader of the Civic society in terms of defiance in Zimbabwe. It reveals how irritating he was to the government of Mugabe.

The reference had very little to do with his personality or greediness but the imagery of western donor support and confrontation politics. Mugabe had problems with the west( sponsors of regime change).

MDC Alliance has not learnt from the past and continues to use the tired approach of confrontation that is budgeted from the western narrative of calling for sanctions.

Madhuku has changed tact and strategy on the basis of reading the current leadership style being applied by ED.

ED can be neutralised by ideas and by engaging. He has also neutralised the west through the same.