Mai Titi Issues Ultimatum On Arrest Of Suspected Marange Rapist Evans Momberume
8 August 2021


I note with grave concern the ongoing issue about a minor Child who died whilst giving birth in Marange area.

I am writing this statement as a mother of two beautiful daugthers, a woman, and a Zimbabwean who is particular about Child rights.

It is Edmund Burke who once noted that, “The only thing necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing”. I refuse to do nothing.

This statement is a public notice to the Zimbabwe Republic Police to apprehend the suspect Evans Momberume in 24 hours of this notice.

In the event that there is no arrest in stated period, I am driving personally to Marange area and conduct a Citizen arrest against the suspect, and bring him to the nearest Police Station.

I shall be broadcasting from the location so that whole of Zimbabwe sees in real-time the events.

My heart bleeds as I hear plans to send a 9year old to replace the child who is now deceased. Whilst, we are free to pursue our own faiths, any faith and practice that endangers the welfare and security of minor children is a nuisance in our society.

We need to look out for each other, and protect our vulnerable Children.

Yours Mai Tt

Mai Titi