Mai Titi, Passion Java, Oskid Doesn’t Stop Skidding, No Kidding
8 August 2021
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The Making Of Patati Patata

By Showbiz Reporter | The below footage is that of the actors and performers of the controversial song, Patati Patata.

Instrumentals of the track were done by the ever skilful, Oskid. The latter is seen doing what he knows best on his grey midi keyboard, tabbing through note after note across several octaves. There does not seem to be an error in what he is doing, and the keyboardKid grins out his conquest while everyone watches. After several layers have been belted, the battle is now of pumping human vocals.

The singers do not start blasting out before they throw a celebration. Oskid does not stop skidding, as if he is kidding.

In no time at all, the song is here, and yes it talks about love between couples, it says a woman is sweet while also describing Emmerson Mnangagwa. Is he the woman the song talks about or what? In case it does so, so what? This is the writer’s mind as they say:

ZIMBABWE woyee!, ED Mnangagwa, number One, yeyee, [RUBS PENI* ON CAMERA] Chiso chake chakanaka, chivakashure chakakura, maziso ake anopenya, ukangobata unokuvara, ayee, Usabata, musikana wangu usabata! Usabata, Bhebhi rangu usabata!

Patati patata, Patati patata, Dhabolo King, Dhabolo King

  • Passion Java Records, performed by a convicted rapist. VIDEO BELOW