Phumulani Demands Justice For Memory Machaya | FULL TEXT
9 August 2021

Hey guys, I have had sleepless nights over this one, as I feel really triggered as a childhood survivor this hit me closer to home.

Memory Machaya was married off in the Apostolic church at 13 years.

The man raped her, she died giving birth at 14 at a church shrine, and nothing has been done about it.

This petition highlights her plight, and ending of child marriages.

FYI Also email the United Nations Zimbabwe Office and tell them to place the voices of the most marginalized at the center.
Young children like Memory need them to partner with grassroots organizations to amplify major campaigns against child sexual abuse.
Call and or email them.
We need more than press releases after the fact.
We need them to be proactive in supporting culturally relevant preventive grassroot efforts !!!!