Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa Sent 6 Hitmen After Me Today
10 August 2021

COVIDLiar preacher Emmanuel Makandiwa was still to comment on evidence presented that suggests he deployed assailants after a South Africa based critic today.

ZimEye was still at pains to obtain the man’s response to serious allegations that he sent 6 men in two cars after Mr Tinashe Mutamiri, a whistleblower in Makandiwa’s reputation attacks against former Congregant Blessing Mashangwa.

Makandiwa did not return calls.

Mutamiri narrates his allegation as below:


By Tinashe Mutamiri | So today I received a call in the morning from an unknown number inquiring about the services one of my companies offers, it was very suspicious and after all I was expecting some hit back from the Makandiwa’s.

So I told him before we meet you have to deposit a consultation fee of R2000 just to test his commitment, but he deposited R1000 and promised to pay the other R1000 in person.

In the back of my head I knew this was Makandiwa trying to set me up and silence me for good, so I chose the meeting venue “as you know, a crocodile will never agree to a lion’s meeting outside the river”

The hunter became the hunted, 6 men arrived “2 armed & 4 bouncers” in a black VW Polo(SRX59-GP) and a White Audi with Botswana Reg (B465BMI ), I trapped them in the restaurant and what happened afterwards is history now, I was not there but my guys were there inside waiting for their arrival.

I can promise you one thing, this crew will never ever take projects to clean up Makandiwa’s mess ever again, they learnt the hard way, I recorded everything and I’ll post their confessions tomorrow and who had sent them..what they don’t know is, I’ll always be 10 steps ahead of them , these are just pastors come on-you can’t expect any genius plan from them other than manipulating and lying to their gullible followers.

I’ll not even spend their R1000 blood money they deposited, but if you guys want it i can send it to you..