Zodwa In “Adultery” Confession Storm
11 August 2021

By A Correspondent- Controversial South African socialite, Zodwa Wabantu has publicly announced having intimacy with fellow local entertainer Thabo Mabogwane of Black Motion.

She said the two were s*x partners.

Zodwa revealed that to Daily Sun, Monday after a video surfaced, where she told TV personality Lasizwe Dambuza that she had intimacy with Thabo.

In the video, Lasizwe is heard asking Zodwa about the person she recently went home with after “ebumnandini” (going out).
Zodwa replied: “The famous person that I had sx with I think three weeks ago was Thabo of Black Motion. Yes, we had sx. It’s not a secret. Apparently he has a girlfriend but that’s none of my business.”

Zodwa, whose real name is Zodwa Libram, said she is not in a relationship with Thabo, but they are just sex partners.

Dancer Zodwa Wabantu pictured with Black Motion’s Thabo ‘Smol’ Mabogwane. .

“Yes siyanyobana (we are having sex). Its not a secret. If it’s a secret, that would mean that I’m doing something dirty. Why would I make that a secret? I’m not having s*x with a married man like other girls do. Thabo is not married,” said Zodwa.

She said Thabo never told her about his girlfriend.

“That is why I’m saying ‘apparently’ in a video because Thabo did not tell me that he had a girlfriend. We never sat down and talked. We are just enjoying the moment and have s*x,” said Zodwa.

She further said that after she announced in public that she had s*x with Thabo, Thabo didn’t mention anything about it.

“What would he say? He didn’t say anything after he saw the video. As I said, it’s not a secret that I’m having sex with him,” said Zodwa.

Speaking about the trending incident, Thabo confirmed that he slept with Zodwa Wabantu. He posted a video to explain the whole thing.
“I was also not seeing anyone else at the time hence I did what I did, please respect the mother of my child, it is fine if you judge me, I don’t care,” he said.

Daily Sun also reached out to Black Motion’s booking manager Lerato Mothobi who said they are not commenting on the matter.

-Daily Sun