Elections In Zambia- President Chamisa Impressed By Big Numbers
13 August 2021

Tinashe Sambiri|MDC Alliance leader President Nelson Chamisa has commended the people of the Republic of Zambia for voting in numbers.

President Chamisa has also described the high turnout of voters in Zambia as a sign of the people’s revolution.

“It’s a revolution! The turnout is unprecedented.

Those given cheating and rigging had a list of schemes but young people in Zambia maintained vigils and are exposing everything.

Some young people are in their gowns as they queue to vote to simply send a message on their joblessness plight.

Zambians young and old have been in queues with blankets and even some with chairs. Family members are encouraging each other to vote wisely.

It’s a family effort, a community affair and a citizen’s duty. I love this…Young people are doing vote protection in the villages and countryside. It’s a very interesting time in Zambia!!

God bless Zambia. One Africa. One people,” President Chamisa wrote on his official Facebook page.

President Chamisa