Mliswa Attacks Mudha, July Moyo For Destroying ED
17 August 2021

By A Correspondent| Independent Norton legislator Temba Mliswa has singled out State Security minister Owen Mudha Ncube and Local government minister July Moyo for attack saying the two are the biggest national security threats.

In a Twitter thread posted this morning, Mliswa said President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s trust has all gone due to his association with people like Mudha and July Moyo whom he said were derailing the country.

The motormouth politician said Mnangagwa will never record progress as long as he associates with Mudha and July Moyo.

Mliswa accused Mudha of violently taking over people’s mine and killing people adding that the Security minister’s reputation of violence and criminality raises questions if citizens are safe with him as one of the national leaders.

Below is Mliswa’s thread;

I think for progress it’s time that we name and shame those derailing this country. Who is Mudha? What credentials does he have to be the State Security Minister? None, except for his reputation for taking over people’s mines in Kwekwe and killing people.

It’s an unsavoury reputation of violence and criminality which leads to questions of how safe are we with such a leader. He is the biggest national security threat and a leader can only produce what he is.

At the DCC elections they got rid of Matemadanda because they had lost the Midlands. Going forward they won’t make progress in Midlands with characters such as Mudha.

As long the President is surrounded by characters such as Mudha& July Moyo progress will be difficult. These men lie to the President daily. Mudha has previously directed Matanga to arrest me& such pathetic actions are a reflection of the kind of man he is.

We have reached this position because trust levels have gone due to men such as these. I was attacked for defending the new administration. I have tried being faithful to them going to SADC, Brussels etc during the Restore Legacy because of the belief we had.

However all that we worked for& supported has been lost. The new admin has reneged on the very ideals of the liberation struggle. They are selling out. It’s disturbing that even before we have realised the benefits as blacks we are already experiencing such an ideological change.