Sunshine Development Deal Exposes Ken Sharpe, Chombo, Augur Investments Inconsistencies
17 August 2021
Kenneth Raydon Sharpe, the man
behind Augur Investments

By A Correspondent| Business tycoon and escapee from justice, Kenneth Raydone Sharpe lied that he is South African and that his company Augur Investments OU was well versed in construction business just to siphon land from City of Harare and Zimbabwe at large, his submissions to Council during the formation of a joint venture with City of Harare reveals.

According to documents in possession of this publication, Ken Sharpe’s Sunshine Development Pvt. Ltd had six directors namely Kenneth Raydon Sharpe and his nationality is cited as “South African”, Olelcsandr Sheremet from Ukraine, M.J. Van Blerk, a Zimbabwean, Tendai Mahachi, a Zimbabwean, Psychology Chiwanga, a Zimbabwean and Alistair Gibson who was said to be British.

However, this is a far cry from his postings on social media whereby he steadfastly swears to be a strut Zimbabwean whom at some point in his life lived in a hut.

Equally disappointing is the fact that Augur Investments OU cited its address as 62 Quorn Avenue, Mt Pleasant, Harare which is the same address that then Minister of Local Government and Public Works, Ignatius Chombo’s company, Harvest-Net Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd also states in its company’s annual return forms that are filed with the Registrar of companies.

Suffice all this to say that the Sunshine Development projects joint ventures entered into between City of Harare and Augur Investments facilitated by the Caretaker Council with the blessing of Chombo were delegated to milk vast tracts of Council land on the pretense that they would benefit the City of Harare and Zimbabwe at large.

To date, City of Harare has derived no tangible benefit from that deal. It is disturbing to note that the total amount of land which has since been transferred to Ken Sharpe’s Augur Investments OU through Sunshine Developments deal is equivalent to at least 19 commercial farms or 41 664 residential stands ( measuring 200m² each in high density suburbs. This comes against the backdrop of at least 500 000 applicants who are on City of Harare ‘s waiting list but have waited in vain for a significant period of time.

In a nutshell, all parties involved in these shady deals benefitted personally from the questionable decisions of the Chombo imposed Caretaker Council at the expense of Harare residents and Zimbabwe at large.