My Wife Became HIV+ After Visiting TB Joshua’s Church, I’m Still Negative, What Should I Do?
19 August 2021
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A married man has written to columnist and prolific SCOAN Survivor and whistleblower of 13 years, Bisola Johnson, saying his wife got infected with HIV after visiting the late TB Joshua, a few months before his death.

The man made his first contact with Johnson providing initial details after the ZimEye program around the time of the proven woman serial abuser’s death in June.

the June program…

The rest of the detail is revealed in the subtext.

Onr case of sexual abuse is a verified case of a Zimbabwean woman, Angela Charakupa who the Nigerian preacher was recorded trying to disrupt the victim’s court case raised initially against Joshua’s mentee Walter Magaya.

The full correspondence is below:

Mama I saw ur Interview on U Tube. Now I am concerned about de Synagogue advise to people.
I am …. from SA: What makes me corncend is dat my wife is HIV Positive while I am HIV negative despite have intimate contact with her after many years. People are saying eventually I will be infected in future.

Anyway with all dis my wife visited SCOAN in April dis year and Evangelist Chris told her dat she must stop sleeping with me untill she is healed and make sure dis does not happen even if it means de end of our marriage or else she will die.

Now dats were I have a problem with. When she is adiviced to divorce me for de sake of her health. So in a way it sort of confirms my suspicions about SCOAN.



YOU MUST not divorce your husband or wife because of health challenges. You can have protected sex, that is why condoms is in the market. And if she is under Medicare and using her antiretroviral religiously, it will get to a point where her CD4 count will be boosted and her viral load would go down drastically, at this time, the couple can come together even plan having children under care of your medical councilor. Remember also your prayers to God. What is going on in the Synagogue is evil and the reason the Synagogue church branch in UK was shut down by the UK government when 6 people died there.