Disaster As Nick Mangwana Says Mnangagwa Is Back Into The Country From Another Zimbabwe | ZAMBIA WAS TRULY ED’s TERRITORY?
25 August 2021
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Nick (Ndabaningi) Mangwana

A freudean slip, a guilty flip, or both? Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government spokesman Nick Mangwana yesterday unwittingly re-ignited the debate that Zambia has all this while over the years been Mnangagwa’s off-border territory. Mangwana tweeted saying Mnangagwa has returned to the country from another Zimbabwean territory.

He said: “His Excellency, President Mnangagwa is back in the country from Zimbabwe.”

Mangwana’s tweet comes at a time when investigations revealed how Mnangagwa for years personally abused Zambian state security to carry out crimes against humanity.

His announcement is likely to trigger a major diplomatic row between Lusaka and Harare.


Nick Mangwana’s tweet