Angry Ex Torches Family Home
30 August 2021
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By A Correspondent- A Mwenezi family in Mukweva village under Chief Negari lost all its belongings to fire after an enraged South African based man allegedly torched their houses over failure to reconcile with his former wife who is a relative to that family.

The suspected arsonist, Edmore Chidhava is alleged to have followed his estranged wife of eight years who ran away from South Africa to seek refuge at her Uncle Katini Dhaimani’s place in Mwenezi on August 2, 2021.

Mukweva village head Elton Chauke confirmed the development saying the incident has left nine family members homeless because of the arson though they did not identify the assailant.

“The tragic incident occurred on Monday August 2 around midnight. The family lost several valuables. Katini Dhaimani’s main house, kitchen and cattle pen were set on fire by an unknown assailant but on that same day there was a misunderstanding between Dhaimani and his niece’s husband who had come to reconcile with his wife,” said Chauke.

A source close to the matter allege that Chidhava went to Dhaimani’s house to reconcile with his wife Enia Dhaimani.

“Chidhava came from South Africa and pretended to seek reconciliation with his wife Enia. The uncle could not give in to Chidhava’s demands for reconciliation as he advised him to go and come back with his family members, while the ‘in-laws’ made their own consultations as a family before deciding on the matter.

“He went away but is suspected to have come back later at night with about four litres of petrol which he used to raze down the houses and the cattle pen,” said the source.

Dhaimaini said Chidhava visited him on Saturday and left on Monday morning after threatening him.

“He came during the weekend and told me that he wanted to reconcile with my niece Enia who was his wife of eight years. I advised him to bring his relatives after which he left on Monday morning after threatening me with unspecified action. On that same day at midnight we woke up to fire gutting our houses down,” Dhaimani said.

The matter was reported to Neshuro Sub Office police station who attended the scene a day later.

It is said the two had been facing marital problems for quite some time, which resulted in the wife leaving him some weeks ago to seek refuge at her uncle’s place.

Dhaimani is appealing for well-wishers to assist him with food, money, blankets, clothes, kitchen utensils and other essential goods.

He can be contacted on +263 77 449 6146.