Is FEEZ Zim’s Game Changer In Politics?
1 September 2021
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Comrades, I come to you to deliver a very important and special message, a message to signify the genesis of a new era politically, socially and most importantly economically in Zimbabwe.

I bring to you wherever you are, a message to mark the beginning of a critical journey for this generation and generations to come.

I am neither a messiah nor a prophet. My only aspiration was and is to genuinely represent and speak on behalf my own countrymen who have been systematically silenced, those disinherited people of my country Zimbabwe, those people economically excluded, exploited and marginalised, those with nothing to their names.

We do this knowing very well that the current condition of in our country is not “natural” phenomena but a product of unjust economic practices by organised blood sucking economic vampires, cannibalistic cartels, corrupt, selfish and heartless capitalists and monopolists and we have decided to take a stand giving up the comfort and luxuries of our past associations to fight with others for the sake of generations of current and the future.

We have committed to embark on this just struggle, a struggle to correct economic injustices condoned by the powerful of this society and their associates who have no shame at all.

We come here to mark the birth of a revolution for we have so much confidence in the revolutionary capabilities of ordinary human beings to accomplish this. We believe in the ordinary men and women, young and old so arrogantly dismissed, neglected and pushed to the peripheries of their own economy as second class citizens in their only country of birth.

We believe that Zimbabwe shall be built on a different economic and social foundation that will be created not by “technocrats”, “financial wizards” or “seasoned politicians” but by the indigenous masses of the toiling workers, miners, students, vendors, touts, farmers, craftsmen, artists, sportspersons and all, the youth and women whose labour and sweat, joined by the riches of nature, is the source of all wealth.

Given the abundance of natural resources in Zimbabwe coupled with a hardworking, educated and resilient people, there can’t be any justification why Zimbabwe and her people are poor and always begging.

We have all the confidence in fellow ordinary citizens who have the capacity to transform themselves as we come together to be an active, united, tactical and conscious force under the banner of our new political party whose agenda is against the common enemy i.e. man-made poverty, corruption, economic discrimination and manipulation by the greedy, selfish and heartless in our midst who care not about others but themselves and have taken everything for themselves.

Ladies and gentlemen, comrades and friends it is with great honor and humility that I announce to Zimbabwe, Africa and the rest of the world that a new political movement, a people-centered and mass-driven party, the Front for Economic Emancipation in Zimbabwe which shall hereinafter be referred to as FEEZ has been born.

We are the game changers.