Restore Our Dignity, Teachers Tell Zanu PF Regime
1 September 2021
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Tinashe Sambiri|Teachers have accused the Zanu PF regime of totally ignoring their plight.

Vibrant teachers’ union, ARTUZ, argues the regime is deliberately demeaning the noble profession.

“We always defend our profession for the benefit our country and generations to come.

Lets join hands in our #SaveOurEducationZW campaign being championed by Rural Teachers Union in Zimbabwe .

Police were deployed in maximum capacity today in Arcturus community as local citizens joined the general citizen in the ARTUZ Campaign to save our Education,” ARTUZ Secretary General Robson Chere wrote on Facebook.

Below is part of ARTUZ’s statement on teachers’ atrocious working conditions…

ARTUZ is kindly inviting you to help raise a RED FLAG* for the education crisis. To raise a RED FLAG put on RED and send the following message to government.

  1. Restore teacher salaries to pre October 2018 value to enable them to discharge their duties.
  2. Fund for basic education for all learners in public schools. Incomes of parents were wiped away during the hard lockdown.
  3. Capacitate schools to adhere to S.O.Ps.
  4. Mobilise all learners to come back to school including those with pregnancies and those trapped in early marriages.