REPORT: Zim Bitcoin Trader Vanishes With Over US$6 Million
2 September 2021
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The Majority of Zimbabweans woke up in shock, after a well known Bitcoin “trader” vanished into the thin air with their money summing over USD $6 Million.

It is believed that Martin Mhlanga, ran an unregistered Bitcoin company, which had no physical existence or whatsoever.

Some benefited when this allegedly scam business started, as they bought houses and cars. Initially all you had to do was to put money e.g USD $2000 and they would receive USD $2000 monthly for as long as they remained members of this program.

Economically that’s the structure of a pyramid scheme, where the one on top benefits from crowd funding and to join you had to bring money and down-liners.

Things turned bad yesterday September 01 2021 as the people had been promised to receive double what they had invested; through a program they call (anniversary).

WhatsApp group admins (Martin’s so called employees) woke up leaving the groups that they managed which was suspicious to the general public who where waiting for their payouts.

These people had invested all they had, another old lady even sold her house and took out a loan from the bank so that she invest on this project. However all this was for nothing as Martin was no longer responding or giving updates to anyone.

Martin made a lot of people believing in him by giving them some payouts so that by the time they invest more and refer to more people, it would look very legit. Which led to a sum of over $6Million vanish in thin air.

However, these people are now threatening to sue him and some have even started doing evil rituals against him, but again no-one really knows this guy. The last incident that happed like this involved a popular socialite who is popularly known as TeeMak.

Things never went well for him as he was caught by the Zimbabwe Republic police after being on wanted for so many days.

Unfortunately this might not be the case for Martin as he clearly shows that he travels all over the world. If Interpol is not engaged in this matter, the money of a lot of poor people will never be recovered and already some of these people have been hospitalized due to depression, stress and all sorts of feelings.

If anyone has information about this guy, please contact the authorities or WhatsApp: +13213149649