“These Small Political Parties Are Nothing But Pressure Groups”
3 September 2021
Manyara Irene Muyenziwa

By Ndaba Nhuku- Zimbabwe is overcrowded with “know it all” and “I want to be president of my party” individuals.

This is what has derailed the liberation of the country from Zanu thuggery. Everyone thinks they know about politics better than the next person. Everyone wants to be president of their own party.

Zanu solidifies around one candidate when the moment comes. And our Opposition will be 20 plus with some having family members only as party members!!

Recently we have Manyara Irene Muyenziwa who was live-streamed by ZimEye whilst launching her own party. God help us.

She is the President of the party, FORUS, yet she is based in the UK and just flew to Zimbabwe to launch her party. What an insult to the voters!

She is detached from the voters and their issues. All she wants is to be part of Polad or get donations from naive Western donors who think it pays being a female leading a political party in Zim.

How many parties do we now have that were born from the original MDC all because of the poverty of leadership in politics? Not that Zanu provocateurs are blameless.

We have seen the MDC splinter like a pack of cards from 2005 up to now it continues to split and fight over the now corrupted name MDC.

The effect of so many parties is that they live the elections period harmonised Zanu scotfree to run the elections and win it’s votes whilst the Opposition splits its own among the 20 parties.

It also causes animosity among those who should be united eyeing the State House. The Opposition will remain as the Opposition forever of it doesn’t learn from others.

It’s time MDCs leaders reflected and downsized their egos and came together to deal with Zanu.

Other small family parties can become pressure groups and focus on local or specific group issues.

They should leave the political arena to those who can handle it!

Zimbabwe needs to be liberated from Zanu Pf please so stop the stupid politics of party forming!