Zvimba Chief Killed By Corona While Trying To Exhume Mugabe’s Corpse
3 September 2021
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By A Correspondent- As dramatic as it sounds, a Zvimba chief got infected with COVID-19 while in the process of preparing to exhume the remains of the former president Robert Mugabe. The late President Robert Mugabe’s family has celebrated the death of Chief Beperere, who was behind the exhumation of the former ruler.

Chief Beperere succumbed to COVID-19 on Sunday and was buried at his farm in Raffingora on Wednesday.

The late former president’s family hated Chief Beperere for backing Chief Zvimba’s judgement that Mugabe’s remains be exhumed and be reburied at the National Heroes Acre in Harare.

According to Mugabe family member Dominic Matibiri, the Mugabe ancestral spirits were angered by calls for the exhumation of his body from the family homestead in Zvimba communal lands.

Matibiri warned the other remaining chiefs – Chief Zvimba, Chief Seremani and Chief Chidziva – who presided over the matter that they will die one after the other as the avenging spirit strikes back.

“As the Mugabe family, we will not mourn Chief Beperere with others because we feel that the avenging spirit punished him for taking part in the exhumation calls,” one of the Mugabe family members told VOA.

“Chief Beperere was Mugabe’s chief and should have presided over the matter but decided to trick us by taking the matter to Chief Zvimba… This is a great anomaly,” he added.

The late former president’s nephew, Leo Mugabe, concurred, saying Chief Beperere played double standards as he connived with Chief Zvimba in an area he had sole jurisdiction over.

“Chief Beperere was our chief but he decided to play hard on us and rope in an outsider Chief Zvimba to announce the skewed judgement,” he said.

The Mugabes have since appealed against the judgement of the chiefs.