MLF Implores Chiefs Not To Be Used
5 September 2021
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By A Correspondent- Mthwakazi Liberation Front (MLF) spokesperson Crispen Nyoni has warned chiefs in Matabeleland and Midlands not to allow Gukurahundi perpetrators to use them to escape justice by concealing evidence around the killings

MLF made the remarks following the meeting which President Emmerson Mnangagwa held with Chiefs from Matabeleland at the Bulawayo State House recently.

The government announced that victims and survivors of the mass killings will be compensated.

Over 20 000 people were killed at the time after the government of late President Robert Mugabe unleashed the fifth brigade soldiers to deal with the suspected dissidents.

The soldiers ended up running amok killing innocent civilians in horrific incidents which those who witness still shed tears when they relate about them.

Nyoni in a statetemnt said Mnangagwa came to ask chiefs to assist him break the law again.

“Now, this statement fits well in the case of the Matabeleland Chiefs who meet Mnangagwa recently in his bid to permanently bury the Gukurahundi genocide Case against him and his fellow participants in the brazen butchering of the Matabeleland people,” Nyoni said.

He said the Chiefs are active participants in trying to assist a criminal in his plans to clean and exonerate himself from wrong doing.

“That is very wrong. The right thinking persons will not accept such an attempt. It is evil. The question is, “What is the price of a human being who has been killed for non other reason than, being against Zanu PF and for believing in a Ndebele? Chiefs must be stopped from doing what they agreed to do. Not In Our Land!!!” he said.

M LF became popular when its members burnt the Zimbabwean flag in South Africa in 2011 while protesting for the restoration of Mthwakazi state.