Chamisa Mocks Mnangagwa, For Recruiting Criminals He Fired
6 September 2021
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By A Correspondent- Opposition MDC Alliance led by Nelson Chamisa said members Zanu PF claimed to have defected from his party were criminals he fired from the opposition coalition movement.

MDC Alliance, in a statement, said the individuals in question had ceased to belong to the party; therefore, their move to join Zanu PF cannot be described as a defection.

Those who Zanu PF said defected to the party recently included the former Harare deputy Mayor, Emmanuel Chiroto and former Marondera Mayor, Farai Nyandoro.

Below is the party’s statement on the matter.

There have been no defections from the MDC A. The truth of the matter is this:
In 2012, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) cracked a whip on all members accused of corruption and those found guilty were subsequently expelled from the party.

The members who were fired from the party include Emanuel Chiroto Ward 42 Hatcliffe, Julius Musevenzi Ward 15 Warren Park, Peter Mudavanhu Ward 9 Glendale, Pumulani Musogwiza Ward 22 Hatfield among other members.
Following the party’s gesture to deal with corrupt activities, the duo of Chiroto and Musevenzi decided to join former Zimbabwe Vice President Joice Mujuru’s party, National Peoples Party (NPP) before it changed name to Zimbabwe People First (ZPF).
The two represented their new party in the previous election as NPF parliamentary candidates, but unfortunately, they lost dismally.
Probably unhappy with the people’s decision, Chiroto went on to join another party, this time it was Dr Noah Manyika’s Build Zimbabwe Alliance.
As if that was not enough, Musevenzi and Chiroto did not dump their nomadic behaviour after they joined the MDC T following the controversial Supreme Court ruling in March 2020.
Chiroto was an executive member of the MDC-T Harare Province before he joined his new party ZANU-PF.
On the other hand, former Marondera Mayor Farai Nyandoro was never a member of MDC since 2014 until the time of his defection.
Nyandoro left the MDC in 2014 to join PDP and after his then party split, he left with the faction led by Lucia Matibenga.
Just like his two other colleagues mentioned above, Nyandoro also joined the MDCT after the Supreme Court judgement and subsequently became the MDC-T Mashonaland East Provincial Secretary.
Sifra Chidhakwa, former Zengeza MP, lost the 2018 primary elections to Job Sikhala, unhappy with the electoral outcome, opted to participate in the 2018 elections as an independent candidate.
Chidhakwa’s gesture was in violation of the MDC constitution.
According to the constitution, Chidakwa automatically ceased to be a member of the MDC.
He then resurfaced at the MDCT congress in December 2020 following the politically motivated Supreme Court judgement.
He became a member of MDCT since that time until his recent move to ZANU PF.
Surprisingly, some of the so-called defection members were never part of the MDC even before 2014.
It’s very interesting how the regime has become so desperate to the extend of imposing members on our party.
The regime is good at employing command tactics but unfortunately, we as the MDC Alliance don’t need their command members.