Chitungwiza Journalist Detained For Breaking Lockdown Rules
6 September 2021
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Chitungwiza-based community newspaper editor, Gilbert Munetsi has been arrested for allegedly breaking the Covid-19 lockdown curfew.

The Courier newspaper editor is currently detained at St Mary’s Police Station, where he spent the night in holding cells.

Speaking to NewsAnchor, Munetsi said he was coming from work when police details stopped and interrogated him.

Despite producing a valid Zimbabwe Media Commission (ZMC) accreditation card to prove that he was an essential services provider, the police officers cuffed and took him to the station.

“I was coming from work around 8pm on Saturday and came across cops who said l was under arrest for breaching Covid-19 curfew. My explanation that l was a journalist fell on deaf ears, and producing my accreditation card further incensed them. I spent the night in cells,” said Munetsi.

By the time of publishing, Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) Zimbabwe Chapter had dispatched lawyers to seek Munetsi’s freedom.

Journalists are categorised as essential services providers.