Satanic Priest Says Makomichi Is Possessed by Alien Spirits- True Or False?
6 September 2021
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Morgan Zvemangororo

The fight for spritual powers and supremacy has reportedly angered the SA Satanic priest who has vowed to expose the secret behind “mountain moving” preacher Isaac Makomichi’s powers.

The satanic priest based in South Africa has said Makomichi might be possessed by the UFO and alien powers.

Makomichi has been reportedly filling empty wells with water using what he calls “anointed green living powder” though some church leaders are saying it’s pure magic.

” The holy man came to my house and holy powder in an empty well and in less than 5 seconds, the well was filled with clean water,” claimed one of Makomichi’s ardent followers.

The satanic priest claimed that all of Makomichi’s powers are from the UFO and Alien kingdoms.

“Zimbabweans must not follow this Makomichi guy, he might be possessed by the powers of the UFO and Alien kingdoms in order to topple our loving satanic culture in Southern Africa. Our group will remain the most powerful group in the Africa,” an agent of the church wrote on Facebook.

Makomichi said he would use his spiritual powers to close the Satanic church in S.A.

He also said members of the satanic church must contact him on +263777469342 if they have matching powers…

Isaac Makomichi