‘Zanu PF Forgets It Is The Ruling Party’
6 September 2021
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By A Correspondent| The President Emmerson Mnangagwa led Zanu PF seems to have forgotten that it is the ruling party after accusing the opposition MDC of neglecting people in urban areas.

Addressing the media after the politburo meeting on Saturday, Acting Zanu PF Political Commissar, Patrick Chinamasa said the central government had intervened to construct roads in urban areas as if they are not the government of the day.

Most MDC dominated cities and towns have endured interference from the central government including dismissal of Mayors and councillors in what has crippled service delivery- which Chinamasa and his Zanu PF party still want to blame on the opposition.

“Central Government has intervened to save people in urban areas through various
programmes, which include widespread road repairs, which are underway.

“In the past, the MDC has tried to take credit whenever things go right, and whenever
things are bad, they shift the blame to the Government. It must be well-documented that
the current progress being seen in cities and towns is a result of the Government, and we
are going to continue until 2023, when we take over the running of cities”, said