“Bring Back Kombis”
9 September 2021
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Banning commuter omnibuses which were serving most routes in Zimbabwe without a viable alternative was an ill timed thought which lacked scientific research.

By Leonard Koni- Current Zimbabwean leadership is gripped with knee jerk policies. The introduction of old, dirty delapitating Smith regime’s locomotives trains for its urban commuters to mitigate transport crisis shows the lack of seriousness of our government in terms of planning.

These locomotives surely are as much as outdated and not compatible with modern facilities. If we managed to phase out Peugeot 404 which was very popular in the early 80s why is the government bringing  back such very old trains to operate.

People need comfort and I don’t think such trains have the comfort like the Gautrain in South Africa for example.

We should learn to embrace new technology than celebrating on the trains which were unveiled by Ian Smith in 1965.

The epitome of incompetence within this new dispensation leaves a lot to be desired.

When MDC-Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa talked about bullet trains some Zanu PF apologists laughed at him and surprisingly this week we have witnessed the old trains being unveiled with Zanu PF leaders ululating and cheering on mediocrity. They are allergic to change and enjoy  living in the past.

These government ministers must park their state of the art cars and travel in those trains and feel the comfort of them.

I know very much that they don’t have charging ports for passengers to recharge their phones. Surely these  ramshackle trains are not fit to ferry passengers but probably stock feeds.

These old trains are a disaster in waiting and cannot be  trusted. There is no proof that exceeds this kind of failure.

By resuscitating these century old rail coaches, it has proved that some of these political leaders are still using the rear view mirror, reflecting more on the past than the  future. God bless Zimbabwe.


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