Magaya Implicated In Mugabe Nephew Divorce Mess
9 September 2021
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By A Correspondent | The announced divorce of president Robert Mugabe’s nephew, Jason, caused a stir when the controversial preacher Walter Magaya’s name was dropped.

The married preacher, Magaya, who has several proven cases of sleeping with his church congregants, was exposed once again for his fornication dark arts in which he beds women, including teenagers.

As Zhuwao announced he is divorcing his wife of barely 2 years, Lorraine, Walter Magaya was publicly named as secretly bedding an Instagram socialite, only identified as Stacate (picture).

The woman (age not given) had moved to mock Zhuwao appearing as if she is an interested party in Zhuwao’s private life.

She said Zhuwao was “busy portraying a happy picture on social media deep down uchiziva uri kuzvichengeta. Muchazvirega henyu (you shall certainly stop what you’re doing.)

“ It was at that point that digi-mobs threw bricks at her saying she is dating Walter Magaya. Somewhat responding to this, her profile description was swiftly changed from ‘Mai Mufundisi…Pastor’s Wife,’ to something more generic, “Mother Of 3 Beautiful Girls.”

Magaya has a long history of cheating on his wife and his bodyguard raised a whistleblowing case to his wife detailing several proven cases.

Efforts to get a comment from Stacate hit a brick wall as she did not respond to questions sent her.

Magaya has been contacted on several accounts and on one occasion, attempted to bribe journalists from this news network.