Nicky Mahlangu Has Died-British Police
9 September 2021
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Dear Editor

Newham Police in London are appealing to Zimbabweans in UK and abroad to help identify relatives of a man known as NICKY MAHLANGU who was found dead at his house this morning. Police told me they can’t find any links to relatives and the phone numbers in his mobile phone are those for workmates and former workmates at Newham Council. They have failed to get the next of kin and they only contacted me because l’m a registered Newham, London resident from Zimbabwe. I’m told he wasn’t feeling well sometime last week and was sent home to recover. He died alone at his home and postmortem will confirm when exactly he died, police said.

The police are stranded and desperately need to trace his relatives. There is no picture of the late Mahlangu and his suspected facebook page has no picture or enough info about his life. His colleagues and ex colleagues all confirm he told them he was originally from Zimbabwe but knew non of his family members or relatives. The deceased is described as approximately 1.6 metres tall and is believed to be in his late 40s or early 50s, with no tattoos or any distinguishing marks on his body. Please help people. Anyone with information please contact Newham police or call London Borough of Newham Enforcement, phone number 00442033730660