I Wish To Meet ED, Says Opposition Leader
11 September 2021
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Ideas Party of Democracy (IPD) leader, Herbert Chamuka has invited President Emmerson Mnangagwa to discuss the state of the national affairs and foster a way forward for economic recovery.

Chamuka, who is one of the several opposition leaders in the country told 263Chat from his South African base that Mnangagwa should give an ear to opposition parties who are outside Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD) and hear their ideas for the country.

“My biggest wish is to meet with the President and talk about different things because we are not enemies and we will never be enemies. Even if a lot of people say many things Mr Mnangagwa did this and that, as long as he has not done those things to me or my party, I don’t have any proof.

“The issue that I have as a leader, I want Mr Mnangagwa and his Zanu-PF cabinet to sit down and dialogue with us. The dialogue that we have is how we can fix Zimbabwe. How do we remove the people from the mud? We can see the issue of the sanctions. We want to see how they can be removed but the ones at the top are difficult to deal with so what can we do to get out of the sanctions?” Chamuka said.

President Mnangagwa has been in consultation with POLAD members, a grouping of losing presidential hopefuls from the 2018 elections.

The POLAD group has been accused of fronting for Zanu-PF and furthering the interests of the ruling party in exchange for luxurious pecks.

The group is believed to be pushing for the postponement of the 2023 elections under the guise of COVID-19.

Mnangagwa has also been meeting with influential youths to try and win the youth vote ahead of the 2023 elections.

Chamuka said if Mnangagwa can meet up with people like Passion Java and Prophet Eubert Angel, then he should also meet with the opposition leaders.

“It shouldn’t be a problem to talk to Mr Mnangagwa because if he can talk to people like Twabam (Java) Eubert Angel and other people with no direction in the ruling of the country how will he be unable to sit down with us the politicians.

“So we wish that Mr Mnangagwa accepts us and sit down with us. but I want to be thankful that since forming the IPD we never have been disturbed by the police, war veterans or even Zanu-PF and what we have been doing in Zimbabwe is just going further easily,” Chamuka said.