Stampede In Chimanimani Over Alluvial Diamond
11 September 2021
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HUNDREDS of illegal diamond panners and foreign nationals believed to be buyers are
flocking to Chimanimani following the reported discovery of alluvial diamonds near
Charleswood Farm.

This has resulted in all sorts of cars ranging from the latest SUVs to trucks descending on
the area, while flea market traders have set up base there.

Though security personnel have been deployed to thwart the illegal activities, the daring
panners had resorted to a cat-and -mouse games with the law enforcement agents.

Some of the panners were reportedly greasing the palms of unscrupulous law
enforcement agents and Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company (ZCDC) security
officials seconded to the area to gain entry.

Chimanimani District Development Coordinator Mr Joseph Manyurapasi, Officer
Commanding Chipinge District, Chief Superintendent Kennedy Nyaumwe and Chief
Chikukwa all confirmed the influx of illegal diamond panners in the area.

The illegal panning activities have disturbed operations at nearby farms, especially a Mr
Jeketere’s plot which is now littered with open shafts.

The panners are also encroaching on his homestead.

“We have had an influx of artisanal miners in Chimanimani in recent weeks. They
invaded Charleswood area. However, the police have managed to move in to clear the
area. Some of them are still lingering around hoping for an opportunity to carry on with
their illegal activities.

“From what we have gathered, there is nothing much in terms of diamonds being
obtained from the areas where the panners are camped.

-State Media