Chisango Back In Court For Perjury Trial
13 September 2021

By A Correspondent| Trial for corruption accused and suspended City of Harare Town Clerk, Hosiah Abraham Chisango kicked off at the Harare Magistrates Court on Friday.

Chisango is answering to perjury after he reportedly filed a false written statement claiming that land developer George Katsimberis built a show house at Pokugara Estate without approved plans when in fact those plans were approved by the City of Harare.

It is the state’s case that on the 2nd of October 2018 at the High Court of Zimbabwe Civil Division, Harare, Chisango, in his personal capacity and as well as the Town Clerk of City of Harare, jointly filed a sworn affidavit under High Court case number HC 8943/18 and lied in that affidavit that there was no payment that was made to the City of Harare for the approval of building plans which were attached to Georgios Katsimberis’ founding affidavit.

Katsimberis’ affidavit for the same case had proof of payment attachments showing that US$3,707 had been paid towards the approval of the said plans.

Chisango and other City of Harare officials namely Priscila Charumbira, Isaiah Zvenyika Chawatama, Samuel Nyabezi and Laston Taonezvi are also accused of acting inconsistent with their duties by showing disfavour to Katsimberis by claiming that he had built a show house on stand 9 of 21 on consolidated stand number 19559 of 1 828 Harare Township corner Teviotdale and Whitwell Borrowdale Harare without approved plan while favouring Pokugara Properties (Pvt) Ltd in a dispute between complainant in this case and Pokugara Properties (Pvt) Ltd which is owned by controversial businessman Kenneth Raydon Sharpe.

The state was represented by Zivanai Macharaga.