MNANGAGWA PROPHET MARRIED HIS OWN SMALL HOUSE: Should Christians forgive Wutaunashe?, Mzembi asks
14 September 2021
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Andrew Wutawunashe
Andrew Wutawunashe

Andrew Wutawunashe’s approval rating is all time low from the time of his controversy of marrying his mistress.
Like Ahasuerus, Andrew publicly dethroned his wife and married another, his long time girlfriend who may different from Esther though because Esther was beautiful, but to the shock of his followers, that’s what Andrew capitalised on to avoid detection.

Now to charm his followers Andrew is giving her the publicity he wasn’t giving to his first wife, but they’re resisting her and that has impacted his followership. From my most recent survey, people have since moved on, they have decided to forgive him, but seeing his mistress on stage has a rather awkward bearing on him.

Should Christians also forgive him?, Laurence Mzembi asks