Eddie Cross Reveals Grudge With Chamisa
15 September 2021

By A Correspondent- Former MDC politician Eddie Cross said he does not support MDC-Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa because of his age.

Cross told Alpha Media Holdings chairperson Trevor Ncube on this week’s episode of In Conversation With Trevor, he still maintained that because of his age can not lead.

“Yeah. Look I think is a sure Chamisa guy but he is still a kid and I’m not sure, I’m not sure…You know the Chinese have a saying “If you are going to ride the tiger you gotta be able to stay on” and I don’t think he had the wisdom and I don’t think he had the maturity. One thing I loved about Morgan Tsvangirai was his heart for the people. [He] never wavered,” he said.

Cross also went on to say that the late MDC founding leader Morgan Tsvangirai did not do a great job as Prime Minister during the Government of National Unity (GNU) era. Cross, however, added that Tsvangirai was still popular with the masses despite not doing a great job as Prime Minister.

Cross said:

I don’t think he did a great job of being Prime Minister. I was disappointed in that but the man himself there is no doubt in my mind that people loved him. You could go with Morgan anywhere in the country and it was just extraordinary. It was a great privilege to work with him and frankly to serve him. It was a real privilege for 17 years.