FULL TEXT: Mliswa Feels Let Down By MDC Alliance Legislators
15 September 2021

By Temba Mliswa| Recently I moved a motion in Parliament to debate the Constitution’s section 129K. It is the part responsible for the incessant recalling of elected members. However it was disturbing and unfortunate that only myself and Hon Mushoriwa had the guts to debate it.

I expected @mdczimbabwe legislators whose compatriots have been impacted most by this piece to take part in this possible solution to their problem. They did not. Neither did @ZANUPF_Official members. It’s very disturbing how the members cannot stand up against this.

As an independent the section has no relevance for me. However it has for them. Their docility warrants that there be no mercy for their plight. They should have been some resolve on their part. They have shown none and I will close the debate in Parliament.

My push is for changes to this section so that parties don’t have unilateral powers to recall. Citizens should be involved with a 2/3 majority required and court approval. Members should not be sitting ducks but should have opportunities to respond to requests for recalls.

The Constitutional Court must have the final say if a party wants to recall a legislator. Imagine how many recalls have been done under S129(1)K and the amount of money wasted. It’s a waste of taxpayers money which could have gone to various other developmental programs.

Now we have a situation where the section is being abused and used against legislators over petty differences. Even personal reasons can be the reason for recalling an elected leader and the electorate can do nothing. It’s wrong.