‘If ED Comes To The UK, He Will Have His SB Moyo Moment’
15 September 2021
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By Margret Tashayawedu| In 2019, SB Moyo the then Zimbabwean Foreign Minister famous for announcing the 2017 coup, who is late now, came to the UK and made a scene in London at Chatham House. His visit was met with protests by Zimbabweans who blindsided him, and pretty much chased him out of town. As it happens, in the last few weeks, there has been a swirling of rumours that the current Zimbabwean dictator, Emmerson Mnangagwa will fly into the UK for the Climate Change Conference.

First of all, it has to be said that it’s a bit puzzling for the UN to invite a dysfunctional government that can’t even fix pot holes on a conference about climate change. Nonetheless, if he comes here then ED should expert to face strong protests where ever he goes while he is here.  This protests will perhaps even more determined protests than the reception given to SB Moyo when he came over because we are talking about the number 1 cause of all of Zimbabwe’s problems.

SB Moyo aides trying to disperse diasporans protesting against the late Foreign Affairs minister

A significant number of Zimbabweans in the UK will put the dates on their calendar and will travel to London or Scotland  to give the tin-pot dictator a piece of their mind. Every single moment that he spends in the UK he will be met with protests. We don’t Iike him, and we want him gone, and we will be telling him that in person.

Just to remind those who tend to forget why we want ED and Zanu gone. This man made himself president using the military in 2017. He sent soldiers to kill protesters who were contesting the rigged election. He then sent soldiers to kill people in the high density suburbs and has since banned demonstrations, essentially criminalising anyone who questions his authority. We want him gone!!! #Zanupfmustgo