Security Guard Arrested Over Murder Of ZUPCO Bus Conductor
15 September 2021
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Police in Harare are holding a security guard after a 22-year-old woman bus conductor was shot dead in Dzivarasekwa on Monday night.

Police spokesman Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi named the suspected killer as Campion Marowa, 35, who works for as security firm in Harare.

He said police had recovered a 38 Astra Revolver allegedly used in the shooting.

Joyce Kuzhumbwa, who had been working for the ZUPCO-franchised Lofombo bus since July 1, was moments from knocking off for the day when she was murdered at Kadada shops in Dzivarasekwa 4 at around 9PM.

Police believe Marowa was the last passenger, and that he killed Kuzhumbwa after she refused to hand over cash.

Kuzhumbwa’s employer Jeremiah Hove said: “The driver went to the ZUPCO depot saying he had finished work but he was told to go back and ferry people to Dzivarasekwa.

“He then drove to Dzivarasekwa dropping off passengers and when he reached Dzivarasekwa 4 shops the bus was left with four people, one woman and three men. Upon reaching the shops, the driver was writing in his log book when he heard the conductor screaming from the back.

“As he looked back to see what was taking place he heard a gunshot. He ran away and waited from a distance.”

The driver had not been able to give further details, except that some of the money grabbed from the conductor was left on the ground.