Drama As Woman Beats Up Hubby For Asking Why She Brings Boyfriends Home
17 September 2021
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By A Correspondent- A woman from Cowdray Park suburb recently left people in her neighbourhood shocked after she ran amok and thoroughly assaulted her husband with fists after he asked her why she brings her boyfriends to their home.

Sithandazile Lunga is reportedly in the habit of bashing her husband Masala Zikhali in full glare of the neighbours, a development that has resulted in the latter being a laughing stock in the community.

As if that is not enough, Lunga, who seems to have totally lost affection for her husband, sometimes threatens to poison or stab him.

Efforts to rein in Lunga by her relatives have all gone down the drain, leaving Zikhali with no option but to seek justice from the courts.

“I have been living with Sithandazile Lunga for almost six years. This woman is so violent that she physically assaults me, verbally abuses me and is always insulting me.

“She is always threatening to poison or stab me so that she can inherit my house. She even has the guts to bring her boyfriends to my house and when I confront her she beats me.

“This has caused me emotionally stress. I have on numerous occasions told her to leave me but she says she will leave after I’m dead,” said Zikhali.

He added that their marriage had been full of thorns and that he has been living in misery.

“Lunga once left me in 2018 and went to South Africa for four months and when she came back we sat down and solved our problems which had caused her to leave me.

“But she left me again and went away for one year. Ever since she came back our problems have since gone from bad to worse. I wish the honourable court to help me by granting me a protection order barring her from continuously

staying in my house, physically assaulting me, threatening me and verbally abusing me,” said Zikhali.

Western Commonage magistrate Jeconia Prince Ncube granted the order.-statemedia