MDC Alliance Official Facilitates Borehole Drilling Project In Ruwa
18 September 2021
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Tinashe Sambiri|The MDC Alliance has pointed out that the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission( ZEC) is blocking scores of youths from registering to vote in Harare.

The capital city has only two registration centre and analysts say the regime has mooted a ploy meant to frustrate urban youths.

MDC Alliance has challenged the regime to increase registration centres in Harare and all urban areas across the country.

“The regime continues to stifle citizens constitutional rights.

Today, ZEC turned away Sunningdale youths who wanted to register to vote. Harare has only two registration centres. This must stop,” MDC Alliance said in a brief statement.

Despite the regime’s relentless attempts to thwart programmes being carried out by elected MDC Alliance officials, Councillor Grademan Mbira has managed to facilitate a number of projects in his area.

“Our councillors continue to participate in developmental projects in their respective wards despite persecution by the regime. Ruwa local board ward 5 Councillor Mbira recently secured 2 boreholes for the Timire Park community.”

Councillor Grademan Mbira