Passion Java DNA Tests Tear Apart Marriages
18 September 2021
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Tinashe Sambiri|Controversial comedian-cum-preacher, Panganai Java has stunned all and sundry after paying thousands of dollars for one million DNA tests.

The programme will be conducted by Tinashe Mugabe at the weekend.

The timing of the programme has been criticized by concerned citizens who feel the money could have been used to support the country’s ailing health system.

Thousands are battling to access medical assistance across the country- mainly due to lack of adequate facilities.

The health sector urgently need funding…

Observers say Panganai Java and Tinashe Mugabe’s programme will tear apart marriages.

On Thursday Java posted on his official Facebook page:

“My Bath time in chitungwiza 15yrs have made me to be a blessing to the chitungwiza people!!!

My name is Tinashe Mugabe.
I wish to inform all couples in Chitungwiza that Passion Java has paid for one million DNA tests at our offices today. We will start door to door testing on Saturday 18 September 2021
Chitungwiza are you ready?”

Passion Java