“Borehole Water A Potential Health Risk”: City Fathers
20 September 2021

By A Correspondent- Bulawayo City Council (BCC) has warned residents against drinking borehole water saying it (council) has no capacity to treat the water.

In its latest council report, the local authority warned that borehole water was a potential health risk.

The council said sewer overflows and bacteriological contaminated soil are the main sources of borehole contamination.

The local authority advised residents to boil borehole water before drinking it. The council report read:

The Director of Engineering Services reported (29th July, 2021) that borehole water was not treated water nor did Council have the capacity to treat or protect such water from contamination.

In that regard, bacteriological quality of borehole water could not be guaranteed since the water was untreated and subject to contamination at any time from environmental factors like sewer overflows and bacteriological contaminated soil.