Mliswa Challenges Zanu PF Youth Leader To A Boxing Match
22 September 2021
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By Jane Mlambo| Controversial Norton legislator Temba Mliswa has challenged Zanu PF Mashonaland West Youth Chairperson Vengai Musengi to a boxing match and has offered him 10 beasts should he go beyond 30 seconds in the boxing ring.

Mliswa said proceeds from the bout will go towards supporting party youths in the province impoverished by Musengi’s lack of leadership.

Mliswa claimed that Musengi called and threatened him over an issue he did not disclose.

“I was called by Mash West Youth Chair Vengi Musengi who threatened me. As a young person he seems to have too much erratic energy. Thus I have sought to channel that energy towards a constructive end. I have challenged him to a clean bout in the ring until one of us surrenders,” said Mliswa.

The firebrand former Mash West chairperson said the boxing match should be televised with front row seats going for US$100.

He added that if Musengi lasts more than 30 seconds in the boxing ring, he will get 10 cattle as an incentive.

“No machetes, guns and thuggish acts, just a refereed fight. We sign indemnity forms, he chooses whether we do gloves or bare hands or any martial arts discipline and people pay to watch. Live television& front row seats US$100. We channel the proceeds to charity.

“The money we realize from this will be shared between the youths in Mash West who have suffered his lack of leadership. The other half we give to Norton. As an incentive I have put 10 cattle on the table if he can last beyond 30 seconds,” added Mliswa.