Madman Denied S_ex Goes On A Rampage, Kills Woman’s Father-in-law
23 September 2021
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By A Correspondent- A mentally challenged man from Chiororo Village under Chief Neromwe in Triangle went on the rampage, striking several people with a log and killing one man after a woman he approached for se_x rebuked him.

The number of people killed by mentally challenged people in Zimbabwe has reached alarming levels.

Masvingo acting Police spokesperson, Lloyd Masundire confirmed the death of Simon Chigoyi (53) who was allegedly killed by Clever Mhindu (43) on September, 18, 2021 and advised the public to send mentally unstable relatives for regular check-ups with psychiatrists.

Chigoyi had approached Mhindu’s daughter-in-law Miriam Hlongane (19) for se_x and was denied.

A Police report says that people were gathered for traditional beer at Rebecca Madzamatira’s house. Mhindu was holding a wooden stick when he approached Hlongane who was washing dishes and asked for se_x.

When Hlongane turned down the proposal Mhindu hit her on the back with the stick and she ran away.

Mhindu pursued her and returned after failing to catch up with her. He came across Chigoyi who was lighting a cigarette. He hit him with the stick below the left ear and Chigoyi fell unconscious.

Elias Marumbani Chauke disarmed the accused but the latter attacked Chauke with stones and he ran away.

After failing to catch Chauke, Mhindu returned and finished off Chigoyi by striking him in the head with a hoe.

He was disarmed by villagers.-mirror