Shanyawugwe Stock Theft: Should Citizens Deal With It On Their Own?
23 September 2021
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By Ndaba Nhuku- Stock theft in Mberengwa , Filabusi , Gwanda, Kezi and Plumtree by the Shanyawugwe gang will soon lead to a civil war.

Zimbabwe is an agricultural economy and agriculture needs security and stability to be sustainable. That is not the case in areas reached by Shanyawugwe gangs.

These then point to signs of a failed state. Shanyawugwe has for the past decade or more been well known for harbering stock thieves but the governmnet has done nothing to curb this problem.

watch the video below….

On the other hand the same government continues taxing farmers and law abidding citizens who have mercilessly lost thousands of cattle to the Shanyawugwe groups of cattle thieves.

The recent incident where citizens took it upon themselves to search for their cattle and recovered several cows while police have failed to do so and even refused to help whilst giving lame excuses to accompany them seems to prove that police in Guyu, Hwali, Makhado Manama even the headquarters of Matabeleland South are part of these thieves.

The Citizens who resorted to join hands and peaceful search for their stolen cattle were beaten and seriously injured by the thieves and their wives as they drove some of the stolen cattle.

Should the state just ignore or they need to be fold that the security arms are docile while ordinary people are doing their job. Citizens are taxed but they end up also doing their job. I have heard some victims of stock theft discussing arming themselves to protect their livestock. Should we descend to this level; where is the State?

I forsee people in SA assisting themselves by smuggling illegal guns to arm themselves and those who are willing to stand up and stop these thieves and Zanu pf police from stealing their hard earned cattle.

This will lead to banditry if not war against the law and order arm of the state as there is a clear warning that the cattle victims will shoot to kill. How long has Abednico Ncube been in in Parliament and never raised this issue yet he comes from an area close to Shanyawugwe?.

The typical war cry that should shock the ZRP sung by victims is; “Sasebenzela amasela kambe impilo yethu yonke? Ayihlome Mthwakazi sikhathele thina azingene izibhamu bafowethu nxa kufiwa kufiwe kanye.”

This particular incident where innocent men were beaten for collecting their stolen beasts is a clear indication that ZRP is part of the gang, or it exists to mantain and protect the thieves.

Will this end well? Who is to serve and save the victims from this flourishing illegal cattle theft if ZRP watches without interest?

Noone but the victims themselves!