Twitter Spaces, A Panacea To Propaganda
23 September 2021
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Twitter Spaces which have taken Southern Africa by storm and particularly in Zimbababwe where we have most goverment controlled media outlets churning out uncontrollable propaganda.

By Leonard Koni- It has come as a relief to most of Zimbabweans who were failing to air their views and interrogate their leaders on air.

Propaganda media in  Zimbabwe is rising to an unprecedented levels and will soon be a thing of the past.

Live phone inns conducted by other radio stations for example are restricted and sensored by government operatives where some callers are coached on what to say and are obliged to give some praises to a leader whom they support.

Twitter world has become a reflection of reality although it is still being accessed by a very few individuals due to the high cost of data.

The Twitter Spaces have by passed the idea of gate keeping very important  information. It has become another area of serious debate more than parliamentary debates.

People have managed to marinate  fuse, articulate their ideas and points without being gagged or sensored. Participates have managed to pose very important questions  to the main speakers.

The mainstream media has been exposed as they are becoming more irrelevant as time goes.

Youths are encouraged to flood the twitter spaces and be active in this global debating forum and mingle with different kind of people through discussions.

I pray that the government of Zimbabwe won’t interfere with twitter spaces by disrupting the network when very important issues are being discussed.

The mainstream media is no longer holding that prerogative power anymore, and they are facing a stiff competition.

The antidote for information deficiency and poverty has been found in Twitter  spaces which have become very hot day and night.

They have become more interactive unlike some so called leaders who just post and dissappear into thin air without interacting with the audiences.

Interestingly Twitter spaces have exposed some poor traits of leadership of some politicians masquaranding as leaders.