We Will Defeat Mnangagwa In 2023- Cecilia Chimbiri
27 September 2021

Tinashe Sambiri|MDC Alliance Youth Assembly leader Cecilia Chimbiri has declared that the 2023 Presidential Election is about rescuing young people from Zanu PF oppression and brutality.

According to Chimbiri, the MDC Alliance Youth Assembly has an obligation to fight for the future of young people in the country.

See statement below:

Chaired the National Council of the People’s Youth Assembly where we resolved to escalate our political effort to save the young person from the tyranny of the regime.

Top on our agenda is to agitate and organise rural and urban youth to win Zimbabwe for change and end joblessness, poverty, poor education & health care systems which have become the mainstay under the Mnangagwa regime.

We also resolved to mount a massive push back against the closing democratic space which has seen many of our young leaders being victimised, including fellow leader Makomborero Haruzivishe who is currently behind bars.

This timely meeting has re-energised and strengthened the young leaders’ resolve and as each return to their province, we will fully deploy in townships, right to the last hut in the village making sure that young people register to vote.

I was particularly inspired by the feedback from all ten provinces on the overwhelming support for our President, the only Hope for change President Nelson Chamisa.

Until Victory we are the fruits that bear the fruits of freedom

Yours Truly
Cde Chauya Chauya.

Cecilia Chimbiri