Income Generating Projects Uplifting Lives During Global Pandemic COVID 19
29 September 2021

By Desdemona Munengwa| The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed thousands of people into the informal sector which though heavily affected has continued to provide a lifeline to poverty threatened citizens.

One of the beneficiaries of support from JASS, a women empowerment organisation, Batsirai Maphosa from Chipinge urban ward 6, said the capital she got helped her to kickstart her life after her husband died leaving her with four children to fend for.

“Life has been very hard for me I have four children, of which one is disabled she cannot talk, feed nor walk so it has been difficult for me to cater for the needs of my children whilst my husband passed on in a mine in South Africa so this education on income generating projects helped me as I could work from home and earn a living,” said Maphosa.

Another woman only referred to as Sarah said the project she started after losing her job has shielded her from the worst.

“We were given US$10 by a donor to start up a round and we managed to spin the money and shared it, and I used my share to start up a business and now it is helping me to fend my family as a single mother,” said Sarah.

Melisa Zisengwe from Checheche ward 24 also expressed gratitude to JASS for helping her to start a stokvel with her friends.

She has since raised enough capital to start a business at Checheche flea market. 

A community empowerment organisation, Platform for Youth and Community Development (PYCD) Gender and Wellness Officer, Cynthia Gwenzi hailed the project for supporting women through income generating projects

These stokvel and business clubs have helped especially women to generate income to start up their businesses.