“Out Zimbabweans First Ahead Of The Chinese”: LEAD
30 September 2021

Press Statement

Thursday, 29 Sep 2021 11:27

We are concerned with the people of Zimbabwe are being treated as second class citizens by the government of Zimbabwe.

It now seems as Chinese foreign nationals now have rights to our natural resources more than us native Zimbabweans.

Our fellow brothers, sisters , mothers and fathers deserve to be considered for all investment opportunities in their communal lands ahead of the Chinese in Zimbabwe. Native Zimbabweans at the grassroots continue to be elbowed out of key wealth creation opportunities within the mining sector.

It seems like no one cares about how they feel about the development programs and processes that affect them on a personal basis when they are sidelined and denied opportunities. Their welfare and their health matters as it is highlighted in the constitution of Zimbabwe that everyone has got a right to health, ownership and safety.

We were saved from colonization and imperialism by unity and through unity we shall be saved from exploitation. We are concerned that the Chinese owned mining firm have struck a jackpot in Zimbabwe ‘s warren park area after being controversially granted authority to carry out their activities.

This is harzadous to the health of the people who are nearby residents. This causes structural damage to homes and also affects the environment as it is environmentally unfriendly. Chinese mining firms were also recently accused of displacing communities in Mutoko and Uzumba without clarity on compensation.

It is disappointing to get to grasp how the government doesn’t consider the needs of the people. The people who put their trust in them into power. These activities are also destroying wildlife sanctuaries in Hwange.

The collateral damage that makes Zimbabweans suffer as the government is paying a price to China for tackling the pandemic through vaccines and infrastructural development by sacrificing the health and livelihoods of the people is not fair.

We implore government to consult citizens of Zimbabwe before the rush to enter into deals that continue to impoverish and make our people destitute and helpless.

Any foreign direct investment should promote and upgrade the livelihoods of locals in the areas of investment.

They are at least supposed to do what they have agreed to do and not claim title to communal lands that belong to the people of Zimbabwe.

LEAD stands for justice and for the needs of the people.

We are the voice of the voiceless and we reiterate that no Zimbabwean should be considered last in any investment opportunities.

Let us put Zimbabwe and all Zimbabweans first.


LEAD Presidential Spokesperson