Leaked WhatsApp Chats Linda Masarira ‘Audio-Violence’ With Gugu
6 October 2021

Below are leaked WhatsApp Chats between activist Linda Masarira and ZANU PF’s Gugu Ncube over the plight of Vice President Constantino Chiwenga’s persecuted wife, Marry.

Please note the communication contains elements that some readers may find inappropriate.

GUGU: Fellow women….allow me to address @⁨Linda Masarira⁩ .

Linda, what you are saying out there about Marry is wrong. Don’t be an enemy to the emancipation of women. You may have your grudges against Marry but you are dealing with those grudges in a wrong way n platform, Linda.
You have no right to judge Marry. You have been changing men every year if not every month. People have even accused you of giving birth every year citing that you are a loose woman who has no idea what protection is. Worse, those children are from different fathers Linda. Moreover, people have been insulting you for that n l maintained that who you sleep with in none of anyone’s business n pipo must leave you alone. I mean every word. Who you give your body to is your business.Thus, who Marry dumps n marries is none of your business, Linda. Marry is free to sleep with whoever she wants, just like you are. Don’t be a hypocrite Linda. Many men have come out complaining about your conduct towards them while in a relationship. Recently one accused you of stealing his passport etc. You are not as holly as you claim….if we are to listen to those men over you. We all have our dirty linen.
As women we must learn to unite n cover each other….not what you are doing Linda.

Linda, you come out with a lot of accusations that Marry tried to kill Chiwenga. Where were you at the time? What evidence do you have? Don’t expose yourself Linda. You may be wanting to be liked n be embraced in polad but this is not way to go…destroying another woman.

Don’t be a hypocrite. You are not holly, Linda. We are all not holly.

Tendai don’t worry she had an agenda because she posted that rubbish to numerous groups musiyeyi Aite. Ndizvo zvaanzwa zvichimuitira nhasi.

LINDA: Marry is not my sister and will never be my sister period and you have also lost the sisterhood tag from me that is it. If she is your sister don’t shove her to be mine because she will never be mine period