Waverley Plastics Dispute: Trial For Late Owner’s Daughter Postponed
7 October 2021

By A Correspondent| The Harare Magistrates court has postponed the trial of the late Waverley Plastics Private Limited owner Victor Cohen’s daughter Amanda Bercowitz to the 12th of October due to the absence of the magistrate handling the case Vongai Guwuriro Muchuchuti.

Cohen is facing perjury charges emanating from an ongoing family dispute over the inheritance of Waverley Plastics following the death of Victor in 2017.

Cohen’s nephew, Aron Vico who is the complainant in the perjury case alleges that she made a false statement under oath that she subscribed to Waverley Plastics Private Limited shares.

But Cohen insists that the statement that she is a subscriber to Waverley Plastics is correct and not perjury as alleged by Vico.

“On the 2nd day of July 2020 during the court proceedings under case HC5040 at High Court of Zimbabwe, I made an affidavit where I correctly stated that, “I am a subscriber to Waverley Plastics” meaning that I am one of the first individuals to receive shares in the new company,” reads part of Cohen’s affidavit.

She has also reported Vico to the police accusing her of fraud but the case was dismissed for lack of evidence prompting her to file two more cases CR349/01/20 and CR85/12/20 which are still pending before the Harare magistrates’ court.

In her affidavit gleaned by ZimEye, Cohen alleges that she and her sister Belynda are being elbowed out of their father’s inheritance by her older sister Debra Vico and her son Aron.

ZimEye is also in possession of Cohen’s letter of complaint to Police Commissioner General Godwin Matanga, where she alleged that they have been defrauded of their inheritance by their older sister and his son.

She accused the duo together with company employees of colluding to rob them of their dividends and property using fraud and forgery.

“I am my sister, Belynda Halfon have been totally defrauded of our inheritance and of our companies which our late father Victor Eric Cohen left to us. Two of which are Waverley Blankets and Waverley Plastics.

“Our company cases are all very straight forward and there is a plethora of genuine and official evidence in black and white.

“We pray for justice and if not the criminal justice system how will we ever achieve such from certain family members Debra and Aron Vico, and staff who have colluded to rob us of our companies, dividends and properties via the use of fraud, forgeries and plain daylight robbery?,” reads Cohen’s letter.