11 October 2021

Below is a leaked ZANU PF memo dated 28th Sept 2021 concerning the chasing away of senior comrade and Mutsvangwa-faction member, Mike Madiro from a PEC meeting.

The letter was addressed to secretary for administration, Obert Mpofu.

Oppah Muchinguri Kashiri

Re: National Disciplinary Complaint Against Manicaland Party
Members Clide Jani AND Danmore Mambondiyani

Revolutionary greetings, the revolutionary party ZANU PF is under attack in Manicaland province and the constitution of the party is no longer upheld nor respected. We have cases of indiscipline and factionalism which point to the meddling and involvement of very senior politburo members.

I wish to raise your attention to activities which obtained during the Provincial Executive Council meeting, a lawful meeting which was held in accordance with the party’s constitution.

This meeting was disrupted by rogue party elements who disrespected everything they were taught at the Chitepo School of ideology.

Disgruntled Zanu PF supporters on Sunday disrupted a Provincial Elections Committee meeting address by Manicaland provincial chairman Mike Madiro, demanding for his resignation.
Madiro left the meeting held at Mutare Teachers College in a huff. He was whisked away through the back entrance before fleeing at high speed in another vehicle, as the agitated supporters demanded that he be fired. This rogue crowd was lead by DCC youth affairs Dunmore Mambondiyani and financed by Clide Jani.

Mike Madiro is a senior party member who has defended the party and the first Secretary President ED Mnangagwa during when it was unpopular to do so. Mike Madiro cannot be disrespected by Mambondiyani and Jani who are acting on the instruction of factionalists who are pursuing their own anti revolutionary agenda.

The matter needs to be raised in the politburo and the President needs to prescribe remedial action. We cannot go through the Norma disciplinary channels and proceedings as we feel that the National Chairperson Cde. Oppah Muchinguri and

Acting national Commissar Cde PA Chinamasa are interested parties as this is their home province.

MAMBONDIYANI and Jani broke the party’s constitution particularly the article on membership and what is required of a party member.

They did not follow party protocol and their transgressions are worse than Lewis Matutu and Godfrey Tsenengamu whose case set a disciplinary precedence which we would request be followed.

By attacking Mike Madiro during a PEC meeting Mambondiyani and accomplices
disrespected an organ of the party and if this behaviour is condoned what will stop them from attempting to disrupt the Politburo or central committee ?

We kindly request urgent attention on this issue.

Revolutionary regards
ZANU PF Manicaland Province