Attack On The People’s President An Act Of Terrorism
12 October 2021




We are shocked and dismayed by the unprovoked violent terroristic attack done on our President Adv. Nelson Chamisa and his entourage yesterday in Masvingo by hired Zanu pf thugs during his “meet the people tour”.

The attack by Zanu pf thugs on the premise that it is Nelson Chamisa who brought sanctions to Zimbabwe is a fallacy, nonsensical and must be rubbished by all paece loving people of Zimbabwe.

For starters, there are no U.N. sanctions in Zimbabwe that the illegitimate Harare Emmerson Munangagwa administration can talk of. The only sanctions we know of, in our country is the endemic corruption, looting of natural resources, oppression of our people by Zanu pf and of cause the violence like we witnessed yesterday in Masvingo.

We in the MDC Alliance Assembly of Women are very clear that Zimbabwe as a country has no sanctions but there are few individuals like those who hired these lunatics placed on targeted restrictions. These are individual people who are known bishops of violence and perpetrators of human rights violations in Zimbabwe.

The MDC Alliance, it’s leadership and the People of Zimbabwe have nothing to do with such social malcontents.This is why they voted Adv. Nelson Chamisa in 2018 giving him 2.6million votes defeating Zanu pf and its clueless Emmerson Munangagwa in the process.

Further, we know fully well that all these machinations are being done to try and frustrate, prevent and intimidate the People’s Party MDC Alliance from meeting the People of Zimbabwe nationwide at a time when both Zanu pf and its pupperts are failing due shunning by the People.

Women bear the brunt of the liberation struggle of this country and are ready to die in order to liberate ourselves from Zanu PF’s oppression, lies and tired rethoric of nationalism.

SADC, AU, EU and UN must take serious note that Zanu PF has let down the People of Zimbabwe for too long and must not blame anyone and we say enough is enough. We reiterate that, it is our right as both natural and juristic citizens of Zimbabwe which President Nelson Chamisa and MDC Alliance are, to freely move in Zimbabwe meeting the People and expressing our opinions.

No amount of violence, lawlessness and propaganda is going to stop us from engaging the people of Zimbabwe on the Citizen Convergence For Change (CCC) agenda to hear the community concerns working together to lawfully defeat zanu pf again in 2023.

We further deplore and strongly condemn the abuse of our daughters and sons in the uniformed forces by Zanu pf zealots to frustrate citizens rights. It indeed common knowledge that some of the members of thus uniformed forces long for the day President Nelson Chamisa and MDC Alliance shall set them free from abuse by Zanu pf.

The hiring of thugs to disrupt engagement process is an act of intolerance by the ruling party which is criminalizing the political activities in the country despite its political grandstanding that Zimbabwe is ready for re-engagement with the international community. Zanu PF itself has been holding its own district elections across the country without any disturbance.

The Assembly Of Women, therefore strongly condemns the barbaric and terrorist attempt on the life of our President by Zanu pf and some lumpent elements of the state hiding and amongst the hired gangs.

The citizens have suffered enough at the lies and hands of Zanu PF and blocking the political space of MDC Alliance, its leaders and attempting to assassinate our President Adv. Nelson Chamisa in the ensuing malee must make those countries dreaming for re -engagement with the so called second republic under the illegitimate Harare Emmerson Munangagwa administration think twice. There is no Zimbabwe that is open for business, but only terrorism.

Despite the terror acts, the MDC Alliance remains unfazed and we will hand over the struggle at the point of death but the country shall be saved and liberated by the blood and, us as matyrs.

The AOW remains solidly behind the People’s choice, Advocate President Nelson.



Barbara Gwangwara Tanyanyiwa
MDC A Assembly of Women Spokesperson